Boxcar Social

  • Snug, rustic-chic coffeehouse with a patio serving espresso, craft brews & charcuterie plates.

    During the day the sun floods in through the cafe windows, filling the twenty-feet between the floor and ceiling with natural light. At night, the cozy-industrial bar is the perfect reprieve from the bustling Queen Street strip. We’re thrilled to have reintroduced this remarkable space—once a library, and then a furniture store—to this vibrant neighbourhood.

    Foundationally, though, Boxcar is a place where curiosity, innovation, and excellence meet, and thoughtful debate illuminates parts of our lives easily taken for granted.

    We believe that great products tell a story; that a truly excellent cup of coffee, glass of wine, or charcuterie board inspires because its quality represents something larger. Everything we offer—from the beer in your glass to the milk in your latte—is chosen because it teaches us about the place it came from, and the people who helped it along the way.

    Boxcar Social, coffee, wine, beer, bourbon, scotch and merriment