Breakdown Fitness

  • Breakdown Fitness is a fitness and personal training studio at 740 Queen Street East in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood.

    The studio prides itself in using proven methods that will help its clients get stronger, become pain-free, lose weight, and increase energy. Breakdown Fitness was created to help those just starting their fitness journey or starting over. They offer one-to-one personal training in person and/or online sessions, as well as fitness classes.

    The Queen Street location is a semi-private training studio. Semi-private means there might be other trainers with their clients while you are doing your session. Some people are intimidated by gyms, so they keep the number of people in the studio at once to a minimum. This studio is a judgment-free zone.

    Photo credit: Christian Jay B. Quilo

    Photo credit: Breakdown Fitness (@breakdownfitness on Instagram)