GUFF | Good Used Furniture Finds

  • Here at GUFF, we’re always on the hunt for interesting pieces. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or simply need to free up some space, we’re always buying!

    While we specialize in mid-century Scandinavian design, we stock a broad variety of furnishings and home decor items including antiques, industrial, and contemporary pieces. We’re happy to have a look at anything you’re thinking of selling.

    To get started, feel free to give us a call or please fill out the provided form with your contact info and a description of the pieces you’re selling, and be sure to include some photos if possible. We’ll do our best to get in touch with you as soon as possible, and if there’s interest we will arrange a time to meet and have a look at the furniture.

    Whereas most stores operate on a consignment basis, here at GUFF we outright buy. That means you don’t need to wait until the item sells to get paid, and you won’t be on the hook to take the piece back if it doesn’t.