Lab Creative

  • We focus our design science on visual branding, bridging the gap between what you think you communicate to your clients and what you are actually saying. Our design process offers our clients a unique blend of experience, personality, and design ability. We don’t just offer design services; we create brand chemistry.

    Lab Creative is the organic evolution of Laura K Design. Established in 2004, Laura K Design has provided design services to a wide variety of clients for more than a decade. Lab Creative is far beyond a simple design firm. With the right mix of artistic talent and branding science, Lab Creative allows your story, your audience, and your desired outcome to come together to create the impact your business deserves.

    We believe in providing growing companies and entrepreneurs incredible brands they can leverage to take their business to the next level. Whether you are looking for a complete brand redesign or are starting out and looking for a solid foundation to build upon, Lab Creative is your ideal partner to ensure that your brand tells the right story.