Power10 Fitness

  • Power10 Fitness, located at 635 Queen Street East in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood, is an experiential, immersive fitness hub bringing state-of-the-art indoor rowing, running and weight training to your doorstep. Expect revolutionary lighting and sound, total immersion and an experience like no gym you’ve known.

    Rowing is the holy grail of fitness, and the anchor for our high-performance space. There’s no better, safer, full-body workout. The Skillrow machines allow you to feel the thrill of a real boat race during electrifying team workouts. You’ll row together, in synchronicity, in a motivated, supportive and tight-knit group. If rowing is not your bag, POWER10 offers indoor running clinics, top-grade personal training and a timetable of inspiring talks.

    Photo credit: Power10 Fitness