The Broadview Hotel

  • For nearly 125 years, the landmark building at the northwest corner of Queen and Broadview has been a community hub for clubs, businesses, athletics and agenda-setters interested in shaping the future of the city. Through the years the Hotel has endured to echo the pulse of Riverside, and is now the cornerstone project of the revitalization of the East.

    The Broadview Hotel was built in the 1891 by oilman and soap maker Archibald Dingman. The structure, built in the same Romanesque Revival style as Old City Hall, originally served as an office building. It was initially the tallest east of the Don River and christened Dingman’s Hall, with the Canadian Bank of Commerce on the main floor, offices on the middle floors and grand halls above. It was considered to be a major social gathering spot for the city’s growing east end.

    Like other heritage buildings in character-rich parts of our city, The Broadview Hotel’s best days are still to come. Streetcar understands that revitalizing this historic landmark will act as a catalyst to attract people and groups that are similarly passionate about contributing to the vibrancy of Riverside. We are committed to open communication and providing the community with all the assurances they need to know that the restoration of this historical structure is in caring, experienced hands.

    Broadview Hotel at night

    Broadview Hotel patio