We are getting geared up for another fabulous patio season! This year’s campaign will once again be featuring food tours, vibrant promotional displays, our outdoor patio map, giveaways, and more to make the summer and fall outdoor dining experience unforgettable, running from June until early October!


Highlights of Queen East Eats:

  • PATIO MAP: As part of our campaign, we’ll invite everyone to discover outdoor patios spread across Queen Street East. We’ll provide the details for each location, making your patio-hopping adventure a breeze
  • GIVEAWAYS: Our monthly giveaways will give you a chance to win while discovering fantastic local restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • FOOD TOURS: As part of our campaign, we’ll invite you to stay tuned for exciting news about free food tours that offer a tasty local culinary experience.
  • FOOD FEATURES: You’ll be savouring the flavours with our weekly food features! 

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