55 Division has developed a crime prevention and enforcement plan to address Commercial Break and Enters in three major hot spots within the Division, including Queen St. They will increase the number of patrols in the area and have uniform and plainclothes officers dedicated to these areas. 

Crime Prevention Best Practices:

  • remove all cash from the premise when closing at night.
  • leave cash drawer open and, if possible, left in clear view so that would be intruders can see there is no money in the register.
  • conceal or secure laptops, Macbooks, iPads and tablets as those have also been targeted in the past.
  • Leaving lights on during closed hours also helps with respect to natural surveillance.

55 Division has “NO CASH ON PREMISE” stickers available if any businesses require them. Please contact office@riverside-to.com or Richard.Santos-Vicentino@torontopolice.on.ca