The services and activities of BIAs are tailored to meet the specific needs identified by the local business community that funds them. Typically, the ‘toolbox’ that a BIA will use to build the competitiveness and vitality of a district include:

  • Providing maintenance services over and above those provided by the City including frequent sidewalk sweeping, trash and debris removal, periodic power washing of sidewalks and removal of graffiti from buildings and public amenities
  • Providing extra security to augment services from local police departments
  • Marketing programs aimed to improve the overall image of our business district through collaborative promotional strategies, market research and public relations
  • Reinforcing the business district’s drawing power as a destination through special events, often targeting consumer markets that typically underutilized it
  • Supporting projects that attract jobs and investment to business districts, carrying out market analysis, developing databases and utilizing City grants (e.g. Façade Improvement Grant, Commercial Research Grant)
  • Implementing capital improvement strategies such as street lights, benches, planters , additional litter receptacles and public art

Benefits of having a BIA

  • Creating a cleaner, safer and more attractive business district
  • Ensuring a stable and predictable resource base to fund supplemental services and programs
  • Helping to maintain and increase property values
  • Giving a business district a distinct identity and making it more competitive with surrounding retail and business centres

Toronto BIAs are also members of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) umbrella organization which assists with the following:

  • Encouraging and facilitating the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas among BIAs
  • Advocating on behalf of BIAs to influence government policy
  • Helping obtain funding for programs and services for BIAs
  • Offering discount and savings programs for its members, such as preferred rates

Check out TABIA for more information about Toronto BIAs