The Riverside BIA is celebrating 40 Years in 2020/21.  First formed in 1980 by a group of local business and property owners, the Queen-Broadview Village Business Improvement Area is one of the first dozen BIAs in Toronto and the world. The BIA spans Queen Street East from the Bridge (Queen Street Viaduct) to just past De Grassi Street. In 2004, the name change to the ‘Riverside’ BIA reflected the neighbourhood’s name since the 1880s.  The BIA and business community it serves have seen many other changes over the decades – some very big news and others perhaps hidden gems.

To celebrate and commemorate these first 40 years, we are sharing 40 short stories of the BIA.  Stay tuned for one or two new stories each week of this year and find them all here:

Story #32: Bonjour Brioche

Story #31: Toronto Public Library – Queen/Saulter Branch

Story #30: Film & TV in Riverside

Story #29: George “Jim” Thomason & Unilever

Story #28: Better Way Cleaners, A Riverside Constant for 56 Years

Story #27: BMO & 711 Queen St E

Story #26: The Opera House – Where Were You?

Story #25: The Name Change from Queen Broadview Village to Riverside BIA

Story #24: Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LP

Story #23: ‘A Time for Pollinators’ Mural

Story #22: Recognizing MacFab’s Legacy in Riverside

Story #21: ‘Welcome to Riverside’ Mural

Story #20: BIA Branding Evolution

Story #19: Commemorating Albert Edelstein, Our Original Founder and Long-Time Community Member

Story #18: Commemorating Chef Scott in Toronto’s Riverside

Story #17: Bridging the Gap for Over 200 Years

Story #16: The Story of the Toronto Baseball Ground in Riverside Neighborhood

Story #15: Welcome to Tabule

Story #14: Lynne Patterson’s Story

Story #13: Everyone Knows Riverside’s George the Barber

Story #12: ‘De Grassi Street’ vs ‘Degrassi Street’

Story #11: Nell and Natasha: Riverside’s Community Builders

Story #10: Beaches International Jazz Festival’s ‘Sounds of Leslieville & Riverside’

Story #9: What’s in a name? The Story of The Broadview Hotel in Toronto’s Riverside Neighbourhood

Story #8: Alquimia Mural 

Story #7: It’s About Time: “Time and A Clock” Public Art in Riverside

Story #6: Change is a Brewin’ in Riverside 

Story #5: Tkaranto Past / Tkaranto Future Mural at Riverside

Story #4: Ramping up the Arts in Riverside

Story #3: A Telltale Sign of Riverside: Ron Fletcher and Stan Jones’ Riverside Gallery, and the Riverdale ArtWalk

Story #2: Dimensions Custom Framing Turns 20 Years + The Hidden Teacup

Story #1: How it all Began with the Queen-Broadview Village BIA in 1980