Eastbound Brewing Company

  • Welcome to Eastbound Brewing Company. Let us give you a quick tour of our brewery, kitchen and beer shop. One thing you will notice about the space is that you can see it all. It sort of fits with our nothing to hide attitude when it comes to the brewing process and our approach to food. So pull up a stool along one of our two bars and see what is going on.

    All of the Eastbound beers you enjoy are made here at the brewpub, in our subterranean brewery.

    Are you a bit of beer geek? Here are a few of the details in our set up. We have a two-vessel brewhouse that is 10 bbl. We currently have 5 fermentation tanks, 6 serving tanks that feed our taps at the bar so the beer never leaves our system and one bright beer tank.

    Our kitchen may have a bit of diner feel to it, but the dishes coming out of it are far from it. Chef Tara Lee and her team are eager to have you sit at the “chef’s table” like bar and enjoy dishes that we carefully prepared at designed to play nicely with our beer offerings. Come back often and check out the seasonally focused specials.

    The beer shop will be up and running soon, where you can grab a few cans or a fresh Crowler fill off the taps. Never heard of Crowler? Check out our Crowler page and see why we think they a better for the beer than the old standby glass growler and hey, maybe even join our club. You can see what our current offering in the fridges are by checking out the beer shop page.

    We hope that is a good enough explanation about our place and what we are all about…it would just be easier if you came down and paid us a visit and checked us out. We hope to see you soon.