Riverside Common Park

  • Riverside Common Park is located at 657 Queen St E. in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood. Named after the vibrant community it is located within.

    Riverside Common is city of Toronto park on Queen St E just east of the Don Valley and just west of Broadview Avenue. Check out a short video clip/tour of the Riverside Common space located within an amazing and established commercial and residential district: the Riverside Business Improvement Area within Riverside neighbourhood, South Riverdale, Toronto. The park is easily accessible by the 501 and 504 TTC streetcar routes, bicycle, and foot as well.

    The public park, developed by Streetcar Developments, is designed for community activations: with its open level surface and nods to the baseball/sports history of the area as the former site of the Toronto Baseball Grounds through the baseball diamond design motifs and lighting, to the plaque embedded in the ground.

    The space is designed for great public events!

    Please get in touch with the Riverside BIA if you are interested in being involved in programming of this incredible new park space.

    Riverside common Park Toronto

    Riverside Common Park Toronto

    Riverside Common Park