As part of ArtworxTO, Toronto artist Jessica Lin’s The Serenity Experience in Riverside aims to bring calm and spark joy during these challenging times. It’s an immersive public art exhibit in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood this winter which you can view on your evening health break along Queen Street East, and virtually. The artwork explores the question of what triggers our brain to feel calmness and happiness, and suggests ideas as to how we can deliberately harness this to increase our sense of personal well being.

This ‘Happiness Tips’ series of the project provide tips linked to short talks by artist Jessica Lin with special guests – click on each of the tips below to check out the videos!

Explore the full Serenity Experience in Riverside here

Watch the Happiness Tips Videos

Happiness Tips – Intro
Happiness Tip 1: Smile at Strangers
Happiness Tip 2: Take a Walk in Nature
Happiness Tip 3: Create a Sensory Experience
Happiness Tip 4: Listen to Music
Happiness Tip 5: Tiny Daily Joys
Happiness Tip 6: New Flavours
Happiness Tip 7: Sketch Nature
Happiness Tip 8: Grattitude
Happiness Tip 9: Family Memories
Happiness Tip 10: Move
Happiness Tip 11: Virtual Vacay
Happiness Tip 12: Framed Memories
Happiness Tip 13: Yin Yoga
Happiness Tip 14: Make Music
Happiness Tip 15: Support Small Local Biz
Happiness Tip 16: Learn Something New
Happiness Tip 17: Make Someone Else Happy
Happiness Tip 18: Random Kindness
Happiness Tip 19: Eco Concious
♥Happiness Tip 20 – Coming soon
♥Happiness Tip 21 – Coming soon
♥Happiness Tip 22 – Coming soon
♥Happiness Tip 23 – Coming soon

We’re adding more Happiness Tips Videos every week! In the meantime check out a summary of all the tips below: