Help Bring Bixi Bikes to #RiversideTO

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Hey Riverside – Help make it easier for people to travel and shop in the East End!  Please click the Bixi Bike Support link and sign this petition to expand Bixi!!  It will only take 10 seconds, and will help make a difference!!

april bixi

Toronto businesses see BIXI as an important service for attracting customers and making commuting easier.   It’s great for our neighbourhood is so many ways (environment, health, businesses, accessability, and so much more)

The demand for BIXI is significant. Given the high level of ridership and demand at the edges of the service area, Cycle Toronto wants to see an expansion across a larger service area.

In 2011, Toronto launched the BIXI public bike system with 1,000 bicycles in a condensed service area. This was well behind many other cities  who launched their public bike systems on a much wider scale. Montreal launched with 3,000 bicycles in 2009 and expanded to 5,000 bicycles in the same year. Toronto’s system originally called for 3,000 bicycles distributed between Dupont Street to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, Broadview Avenue to the east and High Park to the west…..We are still waiting….Riverside has been campaigning to expand Bixi Bikes to the East End for almost 2 years!!  Let’s keep up the effort!!

BIXI is ideal for short trips and provides relief to overcrowded streetcars, buses and subways.  It just makes sense!!

Please – do your part –  visit the link, sign your name…it will only take a moment of time, and can help make a difference.

And…share this request broadly – pass this along!!!!!

Many Thanks

Your friends, neighbours and businesses in Riverside!



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