In celebration of Jane’s Walk, the Riverside BIA (Queen E) have teamed up with the Queen Street West BIA to bring you some incredible tours. Queen Street is one of the most vibrant and historic areas in Toronto – rich in culture, heritage, art, and hundreds of unique eateries, cafes, and shops.


Now you can virtually sip, savour, explore, and enjoy blasts from the past through our Queen Street Tours. Riverside BIA (Queen St E) and Queen Street West BIA have teamed up on this series of self-guided tours. Best of all, you can experience it all virtually right here and then go check if out on the streets, when it’s safe to do so. 

Click on the links below to check out the full tours and click here for the multi-media Google Map!

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*Daily Hive – See All the Art on Queen Street Without Leaving Your Couch

‘Public Art Queen West BIA & Riverside BIA (Queen East)’

Explore Toronto’s Queen Street to uncover hidden and not so hidden public art. The Queen Street West Business Improvement Area (BIA) and Riverside BIA on Queen East have teamed up to bring you this walk highlighting ‘all local’ art by a variety of Canadian artists. Get to know the stories behind ‘Paint the City Black’ in Queen West’s world-famous Graffiti Alley and the iconic metal art atop the Queen Street Viaduct on Riverside’s Queen East, plus many more.

‘Then and Now’ on Queen Street from West to East

Ever wondered what Toronto’s Queen Street looked like decades or even a century ago and what happened there? This walk explores the architecture and industry along Toronto’s Queen Street with stories from ‘then’ and ‘now’. The Riverside Business Improvement Area (BIA, on Queen East) and the Queen Street West BIA have teamed up to bring you this walk where you’ll get to know stories of iconic spots like Osgoode Hall and the Royal Canadian Bicycle Club, as well as hidden gems such as the 1930s Teck Theatre.

Taste the World & Get To Know Your Local Businesses on Queen Street

Did you know you can taste a huge variety of the world’s culinary cuisines right on Toronto’s Queen Street? The Riverside Business Improvement Area (BIA, on Queen East) and the Queen Street West BIA have teamed up to bring you our Taste the World walk where you’ll learn about the stories behind ten different local businesses offering up cuisines from diverse backgrounds. Prepare to be hungry while getting to know these Queen Street eateries!