East End Toronto Small Business Forum-Featuring Businesses from #RiversideTO, #Leslieville, #DanforthVillage, #Danforth, #GerrardIndia

Please plan to attend the Small Business Forum on Tuesday, February 19th, from 7 – 9pm at the Estonian House, 958 Broadview Avenue.

The event is free, open to everyone in the community, non-partisan and presented by The Toronto Danforth Liberals.

Speakers will be addressing the following topics:

  • marketing on a shoe-string budget,
  • working with fellow small businesses and BIAs,
  • accessing and leveraging city services and forming partnerships with community organizations and how that can benefit small businesses and the community as a whole.

The speakers are from various parts of the Toronto Danforth community and include:

  • Adam Meery and Rachel Conduit, from the Riverside BIA.
    Rachel Conduit The Avro from Riverside BIA

    Rachel Conduit The Avro from Riverside BIA


    Adam Meery OXagancy from Riverside BIA

  • There will also be representatives from the Pape Village BIA, the Gerrard India Bazaar BIA, the Danforth Village BIA, the Danforth BIA and DECA, the Danforth East Community Association. See below for a full list of speakers.

It is hoped that the forum will help to establish some best practices for small businesses and provide an opportunity for small businesses to network and meet other small businesses and community members.

The discussion will be moderated by Hugh Johnston and refreshments will be provided by Alterna Savings. Everyone is welcome.



Forum:                                              Succeeding as a Small Business

Date:                                                   Tuesday, February 19th, 2013, 7 – 9 pm

Location:                                         Estonian House, 958 Broadview Avenue

Moderator:                                     Hugh Johnston, SVP, Finance and Corporate Development, Bento Sushi

Refreshment Sponsor:              Alterna Savings

Presented by:                                Toronto Danforth Federal Liberal Riding Association


Succeeding as a Small Business Forum – Topics and Speakers:

1.      Marketing on a shoe-string budget

Riverside BIA

Adam Meery, Oxagency

Danforth Village BIA

Lorie Fairburn, Neighbourhood Link Support Services

2.      Working with fellow small businesses and BIAs

Upcoming Leslieville BIA      

Andrew Sherbin, Edward Jones

the Danforth BIA

Scott Torrance, Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc.

3.      Accessing and leveraging city services

Gerrard India Bazaar BIA                 

Polina Privis, Method Consulting and Public Mobile

4.      Forming partnerships with community organizations

Riverside BIA

Rachel Conduit, The Avro

Pape Village BIA

Rev. Jim Parker, Bethany Baptist Church

Danforth East Community Association (DECA)

Gay Stephenson

Question and Answer Session


Written By Karen Somerville from Toronto Danforth Liberals

questions?  contacct – tdpolicy@gmail.com


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Get Healthy in Toronto’s Riverside

Looking for healthier options? Toronto’s Riverside District has a fantastic array of healthy lifestyle choices from boutique olive oil, healthy and locally sourced food options, nutrition and supplement stores, local community markets to fitness and wellbeing businesses.

Olive & Olives

Discover the healthier (and delicious) world of olive oil at Olive & Olives. All of the olive oils are extra virgin, produced and bottled by artisanal producers and cooperatives that employ strict cold extraction methods, provide recommended best before dates. Olive & Olive also provides tasty extras such as olives, tapenades, artisanal vinegars, high-quality spices and chocolate made with extra virgin olive oils, and a host of other delicacies to stock your pantry with.  Looking to have a more in depth introduction to cooking with olive oil? Olive & Olives has a fantastic roster of workshops and cooking classes to induct you to the wonders of olive oil. For more information on this tasty store visit their website, or like them on facebook! www.oliveolives.com/en/

the healthy whey

Improve your immune system and general health through The Healthy Whey. One of Toronto’s best supplement stores, they offer a huge variety of vitamins, health supplements, natural and organic foods, natural household and personal care products as well as herbal supplements. Not only will their one-one advice to help you find the right choice for you, they also stock hard to find vegan treats, such as marshmallows. Yumm!


pulp kitchen

Get Juiced up at Pulp Kitchen! Offering a selection of fresh made to order juices, smoothies and take-out vegan lunch fare. With almost 30 refreshing juice and smoothie options, you are sure to find a healthy elixir that is right for you! The take out menu has a mouth-watering selection of fresh soups, sandwiches, grilled paninis, and fresh salads. The PK Sandwich is a favorite breaded tofu slices, topped w/ avocado, roasted tomatoes, organic greens & hummus and served on toasted flax bread. Try a fresh juice today, trust us you will not regret it! www.pulpkitchen.ca/





Riverside marketLiving near Queen Street East and need a local convenience market? Look no further, the Riverside Market is likely to have many of the quick grab-and-go items you may need. They stock the typical convenience store fare of TTC tickets, lotto tickets, and sweet and salty snacks, but they also surprise with selling fresh fruits and veggies, as well as natural and organic foods and cleaning products. One stop shop!




Take a holistic approach to a healthy, mind, body, and soul at Riverside’s energyXchange. Their mission is to educate, incite passion and inspire the journey of becoming healthier. Leaders in the industry, they take the approach of providing integrated, whole health services that focus on a variety of areas in order to achieve overall health and wellness.  In addition to the incredible array of fitness options, they also carry a tantalizing selection of natural personal care products, David’s Tea, and nutritional workshops which adds to the comfortable ‘un-gym’ experience of energyXchange. Get a holistic start to your day and visit them at their website at: www.myenergyxchange.com



omaInspire hope and build health with Oma Chiropractic. Oma Chiropractic’s philosophy is to build health by releasing tension, improving function and increasing resilience through hands-on personalized care.  Their range of services also includes Naturopathic Care, which uses natural therapies to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal. Based on ancient techniques and modern scientific study, patients are treated with a holistic approach in order to prevent and treat disease. Therapies such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and homeopathy can be used in conjunction with ongoing thorough evaluation in order to address the root cause of illness and to create balance and overall well-being. Learn more by visiting their website at: www.omachiro.com


Riverside’s businesses in general, have a strong sustainability ethos. Eateries like Ruby Eats and Ruby WatchCo, Bonjour Brioche, Table 17, Picnic Wine bar, and the soon to open Appetite are committed to local and seasonal fare. Designers such as Bergström Originals are committed to sustainable fashion methods; and furniture design businesses like Kalamkaar furniture sources their wood from renewable forests, while being dedicated to training and mentoring South Asian craftspeople in support of a vibrant and self-sustaining local economy. Riverside is proud of that so businesses are committed to supporting sustainability and healthy lifestyles in all its forms.

Coming to RiversideTO -treats for the tastebuds!

Riverside is ADDING to an incredible list of restaurants and food purveyors

Working up an Appetite








Simon Holder, owner of a new business called Appetite, is coming to 722 Queen Street East. Appetite is focusing on preparing foods such as sandwiches, salads, soups and hot special foods. They will also be offering a selection of fine foods such as preserves, mustards, sauces and much more! Appetite plans to be opening their doors in their Riverside location by the beginning of February.

We are very excited to welcome this new business to Riverside, and hope to see you all out there, satisfying your appetite! Keep your eye open for this business and check back to our blogs or facebook pages to hear more information!

Aft brings the stern of the boat toRiverside

Aft, named for the land behind a boat, has a strong sustainable thread running through every component of this restaurant.  This cozy restaurant’s eclectic menu will predominately use locally sourced in-season ingredients  and include comfort foods inspired from Deep South, barbeque, roasted dishes, as well as sous-vide cooking. There will also be a whole host of daily themed specials to wet the appetite.

With the interior being designed by the Brother’s Dressler, who design using local, reclaimed, repurposed, and sustainably  harvested materials. The food is not the only thing that will inspire. Aft’s warm interiors are rich with reclaimed woods, much of it locally sourced, with a beautiful bar made from a Maple tree from Toronto island and a the back bar fashioned from a reclaimed pipe organ  from a old church on the east end.

Tucked in the back is a bright and airy patio, which will offer plenty more seating, and is where the smoker will be housed, giving the space a lovely back yard feel.  We are certainly looking forward to this eclectic home-style dinning with a strong sustainable ethos.

Tabülè tantalizing your taste buds



Tabülè Middle Eastern Cuisine is coming to Riverside!


The highly anticipated opening at 810 Queen Street East is set to open in March 2013. This restaurant has made many headlines this year including: Top 100 restaurants on Joanne Kate’s list, 15 most anticipated openings of the year, and Toronto Life’s top 400 restaurants in the city, and the City’s top delivery!

So what will they be bringing to Riverside? Owners Diana Sideris and Rony Goraichy, will be bringing you all the great same taste and fabulous food you love, but plan on adding a few more things to the menu. Some items that will be added will be: an organic quinoa Tabülè (gluten free) and a gluten free pita, Akawi cheese with zaatar and nigelli seed, and of course a few more vegan and gluten free items are in the works. They also plan to have an updated cocktail and wine list, and have some premium draft beers along with bottles at this location.

In addition to tantalizing taste buds, the atmosphere will also impact your senses. The owners are bringing on designers from Commute Home to help them create a unique space for the restaurant that will seat 70 people inside and 40 people outside on a back patio. And you can also enjoy their amazing food from home, as they plan on having a takeout, delivery, and catering options.

As many of you know Tabülè has developed quite a reputation amongst the city’s finest Middle Eastern eateries, following several rave reviews in Toronto-based magazines and restaurant guides. Those that frequent Tabülè are constantly restating their adoration for the savory and hearty menu options and the unique interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine.

If you want more information check out their website, Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter

macFab Presents… Weld Done Design by Wendy Kelloway

Weld Done Designs #RiversideTO

Weld Done Designs #RiversideTO

The iconic macFAB has struck gold again with another amazing store opening, or should we say struck metal!

Wendy Kelloway designs both custom and one of a kind furniture pieces made from metal! Wendy has been involved with creating works of art from sheet metal since 1997, and has had her own business/show space since 1999.

When asking Wendy what we can expect from her new pop up store at 759A Queen Street East and why in Riverside, Wendy could hardly hide her excitement. Firstly, she wanted people to understand how her store is different than other stores. This store is like a “pop-up store,” meaning it is coming now, and we don’t know how long it will be here till – so come and check it out now! The store is by appointment only- but not to worry, it is very easy to get in.  To take a look, pop into macFAB and mention that you’d like to check out the Weld Done and the sales associates at macFAB will be happy to let you in. On occasion, Wendy will be around so you can actually talk and meet the designer.

Wendy wanted her latest storefront showcase to be here in Riverside because she said “this is my neighborhood, I live here and I love it here!” Wendy was really excited that she was going to get to show her unique pieces of art in her community and in the neighborhood she loves. Another great thing about this store and Wendy is even if you see something you like but maybe it is not the right size, everything is custom; you chat with Wendy and she will be able to make something custom for you and your home.  See something you love, but it is a bit difficult for you to transport? You can purchase it and Wendy can organize for it have it professionally delivered to your home.

We asked Wendy if she had any “hot items” that she really wanted to comment on. She replied by saying that “Every item is a hot item, offering something different for each person.”  And it was so true! Everything is so beautiful and unique, plus she also has an amazing wine rack that can hold over 140 bottles of wine! We highly suggest you come check out her new store and see what ‘Weld Done’ things she has created!

Listed below are all of Wendy’s contact information and other store location:
-759A Queen Street East, Toronto ON, N4M 1H3


Guest Blogger
-Alysha Ford

The Royal Canadian Curling Club – A Historic Landmark in Riverside

Invitations will be going out to local businesses by the end of January for the First Annual Riverside District BIA Bonspiel on March 25 at the Royal Canadian Curling Club.

More than 60 BIA business owners and employees played in the inaugural bonspiel last year that was promoted as a way for BIA members to get acquainted with the curling club tucked away behind a row of houses on Broadview Ave. just north of Queen St. E.

Historic Royal Canadian Curling Patch

Historic Royal Canadian Curling Patch

The 700-member curling club is one of the oldest active organizations in the Riverside District neighbourhood. Its history dates back to the Royal Canadian Volunteers, a 750-member militia regiment recruited from across Upper Canada and disbanded in 1802.

It started with the Royal Canadian Athletic Club, a group of about 100 men that evolved into the Royal Canadian Bicycle Club in 1891.

The bicycle club was located in a portion of Dingman Hall at 112 Broadview Ave., better known today as “Jilly’s.” The Toronto Evening Star wrote: “The club parlours are upholstered and furnished in the best of style and the pictures of the winning teams decorate the walls. A padded boxing room, a pool room, a card room, a smoking room, a reading room and a first class gymnasium are among the attractions.”

In 1907, the bicycle club built a new clubhouse at 131 Broadview Ave. They added an arena for curling, skating and hockey to the back of the clubhouse in 1929 and changed the name to the Royal Canadian Bicycle and Curling Club. The ice house runs north behind the row houses on Broadview Ave. to the alley beside the St. John’s Bakery.

Curling has been the sole sport played at the club since 1953.

Royals Dunlop Race

Royals Dunlop Race

Inside the curling club lobby stands one of the world’s largest athletic trophies. The silver and ebony Dunlop Challenge Cup – seven-feet tall and named for the bicycle tire manufacturer – was won by the Royal Canadian Bicycle Club in 1895 and 1896. The 20-mile race started with four laps around the defunct Greenwood Racetrack on Queen St. East before heading out Kingston Road and back for another four laps around the track in front of the horse racing grandstand packed with spectators.

By Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew is a long-time curler at the Royal Canadian Curling Club and is a member of its board of directors and history committee. He can be reached at bmcandr@gmail.com