AUTORICKSHAW to perform at Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest!


As part of Riverside’s Eats & Beats Street Fest, AUTORICKSHAW will be performing at the 6th annual Munro St. Party and they will take you on a magical music carpet ride.

Eats & Beats’ Munro street party will be an eclectic mix of world music, instrument making, and an overall fun time in a Bedouin tent-like setting.

Autorickshaw’s music with sitarist Chris Hale, lies on the cultural cutting edge, as contemporary jazz, funk and folk easily rub shoulders with the classical and popular music of India.

Formed in 2003, Autorickshaw is one of the most intriguing acts on the world music and jazz landscapes, garnering 2004 and 2007 JUNO nominations for World

Music Album of the Year, winning a Canadian Independent Music Award in 2005,  and a John Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize in World Music and the  CAPACOA Touring Artist of the Year award, both in 2008.

Autorickshaw is committed to their role as music educators through school performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops and master classes on topics as diverse as jazz improvisation, South Indian and western vocal/choral technique as well as percussion from around the world.

Autorickshaw will be performing at 4:30pm, but check out our eventbrite for the complete Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest programming (tickets aren’t mandatory, they just help us know how many people to expect).

Learn to cook (and eat) better!

part of Riverside’s Eats & Beats Street Fest, Trish Krause from Bite Out of Life,  will be presenting a mini culinary workshop at Olive & Olives.


So who is Trish Krause what exactly is Bite Out of Life you ask?

Trish Krause is a holistic nutritionist and culinary guide, passionate about tasty and healthy food.  She understands the positive impact that a diet of whole foods and authentic ingredients can do to balance the body and feed the soul and is determined to share what she knows with others.  It’s one of the reasons she loves teaching in the Olive & Olives kitchen – all Mia Sturup’s oils, olives, spices and vinegars are carefully sourced from artisan producers and of the highest quality.

Although schooled early on in healthful cooking by her grandmothers, as her professional communications career advanced, Trish stepped away from this wholesome concept into a life of eating on-the-run, client lunches, and frazzled living. “I convinced myself that my life as a harried executive was the picture of success. It wasn’t.”


Out of this realization and wanting to make a positive change for her family and for others, Trish went back to school to become a registered holistic nutritionist. And this is where her company, Bite Out Of Life (BOOL) was conceived. Bite Out of Life provides relatable, comprehensive coaching and “whole food” services with the belief that every body is innately capable of healing itself when provided with the right raw ingredients, lifestyle changes, and support. Trish has done everything from personalized nutrition counseling, grocery store tours, and pantry makeovers to corporate team building, culinary and health workshops.  “If it’s about helping people fall back in love with real food and nourishing themselves and their families, then I’m here to help them figure out how they can make it work.”

In additional to Trish’s warm and bubbly personality, deep commitment to helping people lead overall healthier, less stressful lives, she is also aware and realistic about the challenges that face the everyday person. “ Bite Out Of Life, it’s not about perfection. It’s about the persistence to make practical, meaningful changes in your life.”

Where is this free-mini workshop, again?

Come by Olive & Olives -779 Queen St. East to taste and learn how to incorporate their exquisite and luscious ingredient into easy everyday meals and treats that will benefit your health and make you look like a kitchen rock star!

Tasty food, relevant info and some fun giveaways will be offered at 1:00pm and 3:00pm

olive & oilves

To find out more about Bite Out of Life, check out:

To find out more about the Eats & Beats festival check out our Eventbrite:

#RiversideT0 – Beer & Bacon night…..Like a Wine & Cheese Party….with 2 Big Improvements

On May 14th, Riverside Public House (Queen & Broadview), along with  East End Eatery, “Rashers” and Wellington Brewery invite you to experience an East End “Beer and Bacon” – based on the concept of a “Wine and Cheese”,  but with two big improvements: beer and bacon.

Beer and Bacon in Riverside

Beer and Bacon in Riverside


John Clark from Rashers has created 7 distinct bacon dishes:

  • mini hogtown sandwiches
  • candied bacon with blueberry cheese cake
  • philly cheese steak with beef bacon
  • Rasher’s maple apple cider grilled cheese
  • Mushroom stuffed with cheese and bacon;
  • bacon crostini’s
  • and more…


Wellington’s Beer Cicerone (that’s like a Sommelier for Beer) has paired each baconalicious beauty with a specific Wellington craft beer.

The finale is Rashers Bacon Beer, created to  honor this East End Beer & Bacon Extravaganza

There is more….

  • Celebrating the setting along Historic Queen St East, in the 150+ year old building that Riverside Public House calls’ home, the team has invited a Toronto historian to give a small talk on Toronto and the name Hogtown.
  • Any event at Riverside Public House wouldn’t be complete without entertainment – enjoy:
    • live music  by the Danger Beers
    • Stand-up comedy from Barry Taylor.

If you love the East End, beer and bacon…. this is an event you cannot miss. 


Beer & Bacon in Riverside

Beer & Bacon in Riverside

About Riverside Public House


-About one year ago, co-owners Mike Homewood (Baby HueyThe Curzon) and Nav Sangha (of Wrongbar and The Great Hall) opened a gastropub at the corner of Queen & Broadview.  In addition to great food, a welcoming atmosphere,  the space  doubles as a music venue, with an ample area at the back reserved for live acts and/or al DJ. This sizeable venue, and it’s vibe and fantastic kitchen is the perfect place for the first ever “East End Beer and Bacon Extravaganza”

About Rashers

–          Six months ago, John Clark, one of the owners, and East End Resident wanted to open up a sandwich shop specializing in bacon sandwiches. (In fact, Rasher’s is North America’s only sandwich shop dedicated to bacon sandwiches).    When evaluating locations John was initially drawn to the King West neighbourhood – wanting to compete against the craft burger and poutine shops, targeting the after-bar crowd.  However, looking at the area, and knowing that both owners are from the East End, they chose to keep things local.  Rasher’s is John and his partner’s first food service business and it has proven to be the right choice.


Rasher’s use beer in a number of our homemade sauces and braise some of our bacon in beer.  They focus on farm to table initiatives and supporting smaller business Rasher’s made their first relationship with  Wellington Brewery and it has been a great success


Rashers is focused on promoting both the East End – both Riverside and Lesliville and collaborates with  local businesses to help promote the East End


The Beer and Bacon night is an example of  striving to promote local business.   By creating an event focused on two phonemenal things: beer and bacon, we can promote our sandwiches while bringing new customers to the Riverside.  It’s a win-win.





DRUMHAND to perform at Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest!


As part of Riverside’s Eats & Beats Street Fest, DRUMHAND will be performing at the 6th annual Munro St. Party!

Eats & Beats’ Munro street party will be an eclectic mix of world music, instrument making, and an overall fun time in a Bedouin tent-like setting.

DRUMHAND use hands, sticks and mallets to pound out old and new rhythms on weathered skins: evoking ancient forms of messaging via global beats for dancing bodies and curious ears!

DRUMHAND was founded by percussionists David Chan, Larry Graves and Steve Mancuso in 2008 in an effort to combine the circuitous rhythms of West Africa, Cuba, India and Brazil with the jazz-imbued horn work in the spirit of New Orleans parade bands and the uplifting spirit of American Roots Music.

Known for their innovative orchestrations; dynamic and uplifting performance energy; and artistic accessibility for audiences of all ages. Many of DRUMHANDʼs compositions feature the one-stringed ʻstomach harpʼ of Brazil or the box shaped Gome foot-drum of West Africa alongside the woodwind explorations of Marcus Ali and brass love of Rebecca Hennessy.The groupʼs ʻfolkloricʼ-style vocals appear in a variety of languages and sometimes offer audiences a part in the show.

DRUMHAND will be performing at 2:30, but check out our eventbrite for the complete Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest programing (tickets aren’t mandatory, they just help us know how many people to expect).

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Exhibit in #RiversideTO at Hangman Gallery

The senior art and photography students of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts are proud to display their current work, based on the relationship between text and image, as part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.


Rosedale School Exhibit for Scotiabank CONTACT festival at Hangman Gallery

Rosedale School Exhibit for Scotiabank CONTACT festival at Hangman Gallery


Images of Students installing the exhibit:


These exciting images and more are on display now.


Please visit

The Hangman Gallery – – 756 Queen St East

April 16 – May 5 , 2013

Closing Reception : May 4, Saturday  7 – 9 PM

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12 – 5 PM


About the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival:

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival is an annual event in May with well over 1500 Canadian and international artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 175 venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Founded as a not-for-profit organization in 1997 and now a charitable organization, the Festival is devoted to celebrating, and fostering the art and profession of photography, through a diverse range of programmes.

As a leading proponent of photography, the Festival increases exposure and recognition for local, Canadian and international artists and is committed to advancing knowledge, creativity and innovation in photography. It stimulates excitement and discussion among a diverse audience that has grown to over 1.8 million. CONTACT is the largest photography event in the world, and a premiere cultural event in Canada.


About the Hangman Gallery:

The Hangman Art Gallery is located in the middle of an exciting neighbourhood of creative and visual arts professionals. It is the home of the Artists’ Network.

It supports a thriving fine arts community by providing exhibition spaces to connect art lovers and collectors with members and non-members artists alike. It is a venue where artists from all stages of their career can meet and showcase their personal perceptions of the realities of contemporary life.



About Rosedale Heights School of the Arts


A vibrant, non-semestered school in the heart of the city, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts is a soulful community where young people can thrive in academics, arts and sports. Identified by Maclean’s Magazine as one of the top ten schools in Canada (2005), many students choose to stay for a fifth year as they continue to be enriched by the artistic and academic opportunities provided by the dedicated staff and the guest artists who enrich our students’ lives.

At Rosedale Heights School of the Arts they believe that the arts are for all young people, that they enrich the academic lives of students, and that “talent” should not dictate a young person’s access to learning. This philosophy makes Rosedale the only arts school in the Toronto District School Board that does not audition.  Through a non-audition policy, they aspire to cultivate a culture of cooperation and teamwork through the arts as opposed to one of competition.

Students and not expected to choose “majors,” , they encourage interdisciplinary exploration of the arts in the hope that students discover their own interests and own ways of expressing themselves at a time in their lives when exploration and self-discovery is so important.

Their  approach to the arts emphasizes creative process in addition to technique. They cultivate student voice through students writing, developing, composing and curating their shows. Creativity, the ability to communicate through a variety of arts and media for a variety of purposes, is a skill that will be fundamental in the 21st century.  Creativity takes many forms, and that the ability to express personal voice through creativity will serve all our students well throughout their lives and in all of their endeavours.


Approximately 95% of Rosedale graduates attend university or college.