Farewell to Dangerous Dan’s Diner – May 28th is Last day to Visit the ‘Double D’


Dangerous Dan’s over the years – Top left: the famous ‘Coronary Burger’, Top Right: Original Owner Dan Wooley with the ‘Barrel Belly Bruiser’ Burger; Middle: James McKinnon current owner and grandson to Dan; Bottom left: the diner’s interior always shows their unique sense of humour; Bottom right: Outside mural in previous times at the ‘Double D’


The popular Riverside burger joint with menu staples like the “coronary burger,” the “big Kevorkian” and deep-fried Mars bars will close his weekend after 18 years on the block, one of Riverside’s longest running establishments.

The restaurant opened in 1999 at the corner of Queen St E and Broadview, and was named after current owner James McKinnon’s grandfather and original owner, Dan Wooley, who McKinnon called his “favourite person.” Ironically, Wooley “couldn’t cook a thing,” McKinnon said. McKinnon said he started working in fine-dining restaurants at the age of 15 and he will miss the instant gratification he gets from serving people food.

“I hope they’ll remember they had a good time,” he said about his customers. “We’re part of people’s lives, not a big part but a small part.”

“We’ve got people who were coming in when they were kids and now they’re bringing their kids… they make a pilgrimmage.”

Dangerous Dan’s will serve up its last burger on Sunday, May 28 so here’s your chance to get a last taste of the ‘Double D’ and bid them a fond farewell.