Get Healthy in Toronto’s Riverside

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Looking for healthier options? Toronto’s Riverside District has a fantastic array of healthy lifestyle choices from boutique olive oil, healthy and locally sourced food options, nutrition and supplement stores, local community markets to fitness and wellbeing businesses.

Olive & Olives

Discover the healthier (and delicious) world of olive oil at Olive & Olives. All of the olive oils are extra virgin, produced and bottled by artisanal producers and cooperatives that employ strict cold extraction methods, provide recommended best before dates. Olive & Olive also provides tasty extras such as olives, tapenades, artisanal vinegars, high-quality spices and chocolate made with extra virgin olive oils, and a host of other delicacies to stock your pantry with.  Looking to have a more in depth introduction to cooking with olive oil? Olive & Olives has a fantastic roster of workshops and cooking classes to induct you to the wonders of olive oil. For more information on this tasty store visit their website, or like them on facebook!

the healthy whey

Improve your immune system and general health through The Healthy Whey. One of Toronto’s best supplement stores, they offer a huge variety of vitamins, health supplements, natural and organic foods, natural household and personal care products as well as herbal supplements. Not only will their one-one advice to help you find the right choice for you, they also stock hard to find vegan treats, such as marshmallows. Yumm!


pulp kitchen

Get Juiced up at Pulp Kitchen! Offering a selection of fresh made to order juices, smoothies and take-out vegan lunch fare. With almost 30 refreshing juice and smoothie options, you are sure to find a healthy elixir that is right for you! The take out menu has a mouth-watering selection of fresh soups, sandwiches, grilled paninis, and fresh salads. The PK Sandwich is a favorite breaded tofu slices, topped w/ avocado, roasted tomatoes, organic greens & hummus and served on toasted flax bread. Try a fresh juice today, trust us you will not regret it!





Riverside marketLiving near Queen Street East and need a local convenience market? Look no further, the Riverside Market is likely to have many of the quick grab-and-go items you may need. They stock the typical convenience store fare of TTC tickets, lotto tickets, and sweet and salty snacks, but they also surprise with selling fresh fruits and veggies, as well as natural and organic foods and cleaning products. One stop shop!




Take a holistic approach to a healthy, mind, body, and soul at Riverside’s energyXchange. Their mission is to educate, incite passion and inspire the journey of becoming healthier. Leaders in the industry, they take the approach of providing integrated, whole health services that focus on a variety of areas in order to achieve overall health and wellness.  In addition to the incredible array of fitness options, they also carry a tantalizing selection of natural personal care products, David’s Tea, and nutritional workshops which adds to the comfortable ‘un-gym’ experience of energyXchange. Get a holistic start to your day and visit them at their website at:



omaInspire hope and build health with Oma Chiropractic. Oma Chiropractic’s philosophy is to build health by releasing tension, improving function and increasing resilience through hands-on personalized care.  Their range of services also includes Naturopathic Care, which uses natural therapies to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal. Based on ancient techniques and modern scientific study, patients are treated with a holistic approach in order to prevent and treat disease. Therapies such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and homeopathy can be used in conjunction with ongoing thorough evaluation in order to address the root cause of illness and to create balance and overall well-being. Learn more by visiting their website at:


Riverside’s businesses in general, have a strong sustainability ethos. Eateries like Ruby Eats and Ruby WatchCo, Bonjour Brioche, Table 17, Picnic Wine bar, and the soon to open Appetite are committed to local and seasonal fare. Designers such as Bergström Originals are committed to sustainable fashion methods; and furniture design businesses like Kalamkaar furniture sources their wood from renewable forests, while being dedicated to training and mentoring South Asian craftspeople in support of a vibrant and self-sustaining local economy. Riverside is proud of that so businesses are committed to supporting sustainability and healthy lifestyles in all its forms.

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