Nellie’s 40th Anniversary @ Riverside’s Eats & Beats Street Fest!

Come celebrate Nellie’s 40th anniversary with a cake cutting  ceremony @ 3PM and be a part of this amazing success story of helping women and children in our community since 1973!

During Eats & Beats, Nellie’s will be showcasing a photographic exhibit of several women with a personal  statement of their journey.  The community is also invited to participate in a community fabric mural on what safety means to you. Refreshments will be served together with the cake cutting ceremony, and a brief video screening about women at Nellie’s.

Nellie's Pride March - 2011


Nellie’s – a cornerstone in serving women and children in the community


In 1973, to fill the need for homeless women’s shelters, June Callwood opened Nellie’s Shelter and named it after Nellie McClung – the pioneer feminist who advocated for and helped women gain the right to vote in Canada.

With the goal of helping, protecting and supporting women of all ages in different situations and conditions, since its launch, Nellie’s has helped over 15,000 women to overcome their difficulties and go forward with happy and healthy strong lives.

The Need

Even though we live in a time were women have more space in society, ancient problems of violence, abuse, poverty and homelessness still surrounds women, that does not receives the care that they deserve, and are forced to face alone those difficult situations. That’s when Nellie’s come in; with 36 beds in a 100 year old building, rain or shine, Nellie’s is open to every women and child who look for help and support with no questions asked.

What do they do for Women and Children?

If you think that this is just another shelter that only offers a plate of supper and a bed to sleep, you are completely wrong. At Nellie’s women can find a place to go back up and reconstruct their lives as strong and independent women, ready to face the world again. Protection, safety, confidentiality, counseling, connections with the community, Help to make their voices heard in court, and to access affordable housing are just a few things that Nellie’s does for women and children, and what makes it a special, unique, and amazing place, different from any other.