Have you Heard About Appleseed Yoga?

Have you heard about Appleseed Yoga in our neighbourhood? Here’s a bit about it. 

Appleseed currently runs a number of local kids yoga programs for children from strong walkers/runners up to age 18. In September 2019 they are offering their first Tween Yoga program (ages 9-12). Drop-in yoga classes include Toddler Yoga, After School Kids Yoga (ages 4-8), and Family Yoga. They also run Yoga Camps (Summer, PA Days, March Break), Birthday Parties, and Private Kids Events. They have also created the Yoga Storytime program in Toronto and run it in a growing number of daycares, schools, and libraries.Megan Snider is the Founder of Appleseed Yoga. The idea came to her after training in yoga and having a baby. She wanted to continue to share yoga with her son and couldn’t find any kids yoga programs in the city! She took a kids yoga training program and travelled across Canada and the States to learn about this new and exciting field. Shortly after Megan’s second son was born, she dedicated spare time to starting Appleseed and running kids yoga classes in the neighbourhood.

Appleseed operates their drop-in class schedule from the Ralph Thornton Centre at 765 Queen Street E.  Be sure to check out a class and learn more on the website