Aqua/Nibii Wawashkana Performing at Eats & Beats Street Fest

Riverside is proud to also celebrate the launch of National Aboriginal History month with musician, Aqua, also known as Nibii Wawashkana (Water Flower) as part of the Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest. This is an opportunity to recognize and honor the heritage and culture of Aboriginal communities in Canada.


Aqua is a proud Aboriginal woman. She was gifted her spirit name 4 years ago and has been on a self-discovering journey ever since. Her music is an expression of her life experience thus far, with a beautiful mix of Ojibway, French, and English. She shares her story as she believes it heals, inspires, and just plain feels good. Aqua’s greatest love in life is sharing her gifts with others through her drum circles, acting, and singing. She is a free spirit who truly believes in equality.

The Riverside BIA is thrilled to have Aqua perform on Saulter Street as part of the Fresh Food & Beats on Saulter Street Destination