DRUMHAND to perform at Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest!

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As part of Riverside’s Eats & Beats Street Fest, DRUMHAND will be performing at the 6th annual Munro St. Party!

Eats & Beats’ Munro street party will be an eclectic mix of world music, instrument making, and an overall fun time in a Bedouin tent-like setting.

DRUMHAND use hands, sticks and mallets to pound out old and new rhythms on weathered skins: evoking ancient forms of messaging via global beats for dancing bodies and curious ears!

DRUMHAND was founded by percussionists David Chan, Larry Graves and Steve Mancuso in 2008 in an effort to combine the circuitous rhythms of West Africa, Cuba, India and Brazil with the jazz-imbued horn work in the spirit of New Orleans parade bands and the uplifting spirit of American Roots Music.

Known for their innovative orchestrations; dynamic and uplifting performance energy; and artistic accessibility for audiences of all ages. Many of DRUMHANDʼs compositions feature the one-stringed ʻstomach harpʼ of Brazil or the box shaped Gome foot-drum of West Africa alongside the woodwind explorations of Marcus Ali and brass love of Rebecca Hennessy.The groupʼs ʻfolkloricʼ-style vocals appear in a variety of languages and sometimes offer audiences a part in the show.

DRUMHAND will be performing at 2:30, but check out our eventbrite for the complete Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest programing (tickets aren’t mandatory, they just help us know how many people to expect).  riversideeatsbeats.eventbrite.com

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