Eastbound Brewing Co. Coming to Riverside!

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According to Ontario’s Beer, Cider, and Spirits News (OBN) the Eastbound Brewing Co. announced on October 12th that it will open its brewpub in 2017 at 700 Queen St East in Riverside neighbourhood. It will be an amazing combination as it’s right next door to the recently unveiled and soon to be re-opening (2017) Broadview Hotel by Streetcar Developments.

The OBN reports:

Eastbound’s husband-wife team Dave Lee, brewmaster, and Tara Lee, head chef, are heading up the new 3,500 sq-ft facility, host to a 11 hectolitre brewhouse with five fermenters, an open-concept 80-seat kitchen, and a retail beer store.

“I see us as having one foot into classical and one foot into the wild and adventurous” says Dave Lee, the Siebel-trained brewer formerly of Kensington Brewing, Mill Street and Grand River. “Our goal is to respect tradition, but at the same time push the boundaries of innovation.”

Says Tara Lee, presently Sous Chef at Toronto’s Bar Hop Brewco, “Beer is amazing to cook with, drink on its own and to pair with food. We are going to have a lot of fun with the dishes playing along with our evolving beer list.”

“We want you to see the process and every step along the way, ask questions about where the stuff comes from, and why we choose to use the ingredients we do. I think that is going to be a really great part of your experience when you come to have a beer with us.” says Adam Stiles, Brand Lead.

Eastbound Brewing is targeting an early 2017 opening.

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