The Inside Scoop on Health and Wellness in Toronto’s Riverside

~By Guest Blogger, Karen Lloyd

No matter your age, Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood has something to boost your health and wellness, with a variety of services along Queen Street East. As we are approaching cooler climes and busier times, it’s the perfect moment to take stock of the resources available to all of us.

Until I sat down to write this blog, I was out of the loop on health, wellness and beauty in Riverside but after just a little digging , I found myself in the know about Riverside’s plethora of incredibly unique wellness and beauty boutiques, fitness studio and wellness centres. My conclusion: there’s really a complete package of health and wellness options for all ages right here in Riverside.

Here are some of my favourites and tidbits on how they will be featured during this Saturday, September 16th’s complimentary Riverside Health & Wellness Walk.

Oma Chiropractic & Wellness Centre


Feel safe, cared for, and at home in the loving, gentle hands of Oma Chiropractic & Wellness, located at 1 Munro on Queen East. In addition to a range of health services such as chiropractic care and massage therapy, Oma Chiropractic & Wellness hosts regular wellness workshops and unique opportunities to support the whole family, including the family dog!

For example, the Riverside Health & Wellness Walk, coming up on September 16th, will feature a complimentary talk by creative entrepreneur and business coach Marnee Bruno. Then, on September 28th at Oma, will be a workshop called “Tame Tantrums and End Power Struggles” with peaceful parenting coach Sarah Rosensweet.

“The workshop will offer several strategies for how to manage meltdowns when they happen, and how to firmly, yet lovingly set boundaries,” says Oma Chiropractic director Adrienne McRuvie, a chiropractor, a reflexolgist, reiki therapist and yoga teacher. Adrienne’s training with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association sparked her passion for prenatal care and care for children of all sizes.

For more about Adrienne, her clinic, and upcoming workshops visit

The Chi Junky Yoga Studio


With small class-sizes in a warm and inviting atmosphere, The Chi Junky Studio guarantees a personalized experience and hands on approach when it comes to yoga and your health in general. Beginners are welcome!

Each 60-minute session includes complimentary yoga equipment, tea service, towels and alkaline water. Some sessions are even lit with candles. In addition to regular weekly classes like ‘Candlelight Sweat Flow’, ‘Chill and Let Go’ or ‘Move to Sooth Hatha’, “The Chi Junky organizes regular relaxation retreats outside of Toronto with the next one coming up Oct. 12 in Prince Edward County”, says owner and instructor Rachelle Wintzen.

“It’s a full weekend of complete luxury and relaxation,” says Rachelle noting the retreat will include exceptional meals made with local and organic ingredients, daily wine tastings from PEC wineries, and twice daily yoga.

Come meet The Chi Junky in person on September 16th and take part in a complimentary meditation during the Riverside Health & Welllness Walk.

For more information visit them at 70 McGee Street, steps off of Queen East, or check out more at




Framewrk is a new Riverside fitness studio that offers a mix of different fitness programs including something you may have never heard of before – Essentrics.

According to Framewrk founder, owner and instructor Josephine Cuthill, Essentrics is a dynamic and fluid combination of strengthening and stretching (using ballet, Tai Chi, and even physiotherapy) for a full-body workout.

“Essentrics is good for everyone, but can often especially be good for people recovering from injury and can even help in that process,” says Josephine.

Additionally, the bright spacious studio offers classes in yoga, pilates, cardio, and weight training.

Enjoy a complimentary demo of Essentrics at the Riverside Health & Wellness Walk this Saturday, drop by the studio at 9 Davies, Suite 206, or for more information or visit

Barefoot Beauty


It’s all about hands and feet at Barefoot Beauty which opened up at 643 Queen Street East in Riverside this summer.

This salon prides itself on offering healthy and clean manicure and pedicure services using all-natural organic products made in-house. A particularly unique service at Barefoot Beauty is IBX,  a two step application used to strengthen and repair weak, cracking, or peeling nails.

“This treatment is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to stop using acrylic or bio-gel enhancements,” says Barefoot Beauty owner and head chiropodist Emily Stock. With regular use, she says the IBX treatment can reduce the occurrence of white spots on nails, repair and toughen nails, promoting a smoother nail plate, and improve the appearance of the nail plate.

“We absolutely love this product and are one of the few salons in Toronto to offer this specialty treatment,” she says. IBX can be used on its own for a healthy, natural nail look or under regular polish or gel (Shellac-style) polish to help strengthen and repair the nails.

Come meet Emily and experience Barefoot Beauty’s gorgeous space during the Riverside Health & Wellness Walk on September 16th.

Read more about the other unique services Barefoot Beauty offers in this blog or visit their website at


Clinique De Mode


At Clinique De Mode, just a few blocks east of Broadview at 750 Queen East, you’ll find a menu of medical treatments designed to give your skin a youthful glow.

Included in this mix of treatments is the Vampire Facial which had everybody in the ‘hood talking for a while after it was introduced via sidewalk sandwich board. Rightfully called Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, the Vampire Facial uses your very own blood to stimulate the regrowth of new collagen and aid considerably with epidermal repair.

“When people stop by the boutique, without a doubt the most frequently asked question is, what on earth is a Vampire Facial?!” says co-owner and skin care specialist Christina. “It’s one of the most effective facial treatments available in the industry for targeting pigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.”

Meet co-owner Stephen to get the inside scoop on the Vampire Facial and more during the Riverside Health & Wellness Walk.

Clinique De Mode also offers chemical peels, laser hair removal, body contouring and more. Learn more at


Karen Lloyd is a writer, photographer and website designer in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood. This blog is part of the series giving you the inside scoop on  Riverside, Toronto. Read Other Blogs in this series: Riverside Patios, and Where to Rest Your Head in Riverside