Jare’s Place B&B and the Riverside BIA – store frontage facilitating community

The other day on the way home I noticed Riverside BIA signage in the storefront next to MAC Fab.  I had walked by half a dozen times before but on this particular afternoon my curiosity took wind and I stopped in to say hello.

Riverside BIA Storefront

Riverside BIA Storefront


  I could not have received a warmer welcome.  This should not have been a surprise to me as months prior I had a similar experience when another business owner in the Riverside community stopped by my bed and breakfast to offer us some bags from an event to give away to our guests.  In this world of hustle and bustle, it is so easy to get lost in the mix.  Jare’s Place B&B has been searching for ways to connect with other business owners and our community at hand. 

Jares place 1

Riverside’s Local B&B – Jare’s Place

In autumn 2012, we opened our doors to local entrepreneurs and business owners offering them a workshop and meeting space.  At Jare’s Place, it is our goal to make our guests feel at home whether it is in our home or in our community.  To my delight, after leaving the BIA office, I noticed atop our street sign “Riverside” and I realized that we are home. 

A sneak peak into Jare's Place

A sneak peak into Jare’s Place

Jare’s Place Bed and Breakfast looks forward to being a part of this vibrant community and offering our hand of support as we grow together.

Guest Blog by:

Jeremy Greer
Host & Owner
Jare’s Place Bed & Breakfast