Join Riverside’s Eastbound Run Crew!

We all know that running alone can get boring after a while. So, why not join the best east end running club? Eastbound Run Crew meets in Riverside every Monday at 6:15pm with a variety of group paces. It doesn’t matter if you are training for a big race, or just looking to meet other like-minded runners. They have groups of all paces and the importance here is to also have a social aspect beyond the runs.

Riverside Eastbound Run Club

The idea of creating a running club and having a home base, such as Eastbound Brewing Co., was a major aspect. The Eastbound Run Crew was created with the mission to strengthen the community through a shared activity and the brewery supported it from the very start.

The group has runners of all levels who go on shorter runs (5K or 8K) on Mondays and long runs on Sunday mornings. On Mondays, the group usually stays for a while at Eastbound to better get to know each other and socialize.

As the group grew, they got team singlets and were able to partner with X3 Training for weekly focused workouts.

What’s better than a cheering crowd while you run? Join and help their presence grow strong in Riverside!

Run Details:
All Runners Welcome!
Meet Every Monday inside Eastbound at 6:15pm, run leaves at 6:30pm.
Two distances 5km, 8km
Bag Storage Available
Drinks & social after the run

Learn more about the history of the club here or join the crew’s Facebook events page.