Join us June 19th for Kemetic Yoga & Stay Tuned for Videos & Journaling Resources

Join us for a morning of Kemetic Yoga in Riverside Common Park on Juneteenth (June 19) with Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga.

Participants will be introduced to the significance of Juneteenth and what it means for many Afrodiasporic communities, and how it relates to us in Canada. This special in-person yoga flow will be based on the Water session from the Earthseeds: Space of the Living – Kemetic Yoga Series. It will elaborate on the significance of water–the role water played in the middle passage, the role it plays in reconciliation with the hurts of the past, and in our healing journeys.

The session will include:

  • Opening with libations
  • Introduction and poetry performance to speak about water and its connection
  • 30min Yoga session
  • 5-minute meditation to settle the mind
  • Affirmation journaling

Register for this complimentary session to reserve your spot

This yoga session is limited to the first 30 registrants.

This Kemetic Yoga Session in Recognition of Juneteenth is facilitated by Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga, hosted in Riverside Common Park by Riverside BIA with support from the City of Toronto.

This event is based on the Kemetic Yoga Series from the Earthseeds: Space of the Living project created by Nico Taylor & Queen Kukoyi and supported by Waterfront Toronto and Waterfront BIA through the Waterfont Toronto Artist Residency (2020-2021).

What is Kemetic Yoga:

Kemetic Yoga is found on the writing of the temple walls in Ancient Egypt. This writing commonly known as hieroglyphs, is referred to as “MDR NTR” (Me-du Ne-ter) which translates to the words of God. These instructions and postures are a fundamental aspect of ancient Egyptian spiritual science, which is identical across Africa, and serves to connect with the spirits of our ancestors through meditation, prayer and ritual.

Kemetic Yoga Videos and Journaling

The following videos and journaling resources will be released leading up to June 19th and will be available here until June 27th to help facilitate your Kemetic Yoga journey:

    • Description: The Kemetic Yoga Fire Session will teach you rapid breathing, a way to help center and ground yourself. Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created. It is both warmth to enable life, and a destructive force that can burn and destroy. Among other things, fire symbolizes energy, activity, creativity, passion and freedom.
    • Link to Fire Journal: Coming Soon
  • Spirit: Coming Soon
    • Description: Spirit is the holding place for character, your emotions and elements that make you who you are. Your spirit is your essence, and it is important that it is cared for on a daily basis and uplifted through times of strife. The Kemetic Yoga Spirit Session features a full body experience, aligning you to Spirit to unlock your full potential. 
    • Link to Spirit Journal: Coming Soon
  • Earth: Coming Soon
    • Description: Earth is one of the four key elements of creation. The element of Earth is representative of solid matter and the structure of the universe. In the Kemetic Yoga Earth Session, you’ll learn techniques to ready you for the grounding yoga flow sequence such as building energy with trees and Earthing.
    • Link to Journal: Coming Soon