Kids Activities Back on Track at Queen & Saulter Library Branch

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Here’s the news on the Toronto Public Library and Riverside neighborhood’s local library: Queen & Saulter Branch…

“The more you make it easy for your kids, the more you remove the struggle necessary for learning” Maxime Legacy.

Riverside Toronto Queen Saulter Library

Queen/Saulter Library Branch is back with programs (Photo credit: Riverside BIA)

In a bid to increase the readership skills among youths and kids, the Toronto library eliminates all late fees on returns of materials borrowed.

According to findings, late fees have not been effective and removing them will better support library users while providing other benefits.   

Any library cardholder can now borrow books and other materials from local libraries without the worry of fines and can explore other opportunities including, workspace, free Wi-Fi, private study space, and civic engagement for different age categories.

Kids Programming is Back at the Queen & Saulter Branch!

After a long time closed over the pandemic, Queen & Saulter Branch of TPL re-opened in the fall of 2021 and is now bringing back its programming for kids, young adults, parents,, and caregivers.

 The branch has earmarked Wednesdays for Family time, including Storytime, Songs, Children’s rhymes, and different readings, among other activities. Ready for Reading Storytimes: Toronto Public Library

With pre-school children, from 0-5, as its main audience – programs kicked off May 4th at Queen/Saulter.

Also of interest is “Books & Brews”, a book and entertainment club meant for book lovers, book reviewers, literary critics, proofreaders, and others. The cultural and entertainment program is also open for beer, wine, cider, or non-alcoholic drink enthusiasts.

That said, upcoming dates are May 31st, June 28, and July 26, at Saulter Street Brewery,1-31 Saulter Street, between 7-8 pm on these chosen Tuesdays. Culture Arts & Entertainment: Toronto Public Library

Riverside Toronto Saulter Street Brewery

To partake in the event, you can register in person at Queen/Saulter or call 416-393-7723.

 All libraries across the city are integrating new programs, toward serving Torontarians and making the libraries more attractive for all. This includes: stocking new books and materials, hosting educational sessions on the premises, digital access to facilities, digital directories, digital archival artifacts, virtual courses, virtual business start-ups workshops, resume writing & preparing for interview workshops, and wellness & mental health programs. A host of online programs are also of benefit to all library cardholders, free of charge.    

“Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place”. Nelson Mandela.                           

Come one! Come All!!!  

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