Petite & Sweet has come and join us in Riverside!


Black and white with a touch of pink, which are Petite & Sweets stapled colours rich in style and warmth with an eye for ultimate decadence.

Petite & Sweet is the ultimate destination to dash in pampers your senses. Started in the beautiful, historic community of Rosedale, Petite & Sweet is Toronto’s first Event and Lifestyle Boutique. Their Riverside boutique focuses mainly on their baked goods from cupcakes and macaroons to specialty coffees and age-defying teas, to give people a chance to taste and sample what they offer in their service with the concept of creating themed and coordinated arrangements of sweets.



Owner Elle Daftarian and Caspar Haydar combined their unique talents and established a new standard of excellence in the Event Planning and Lifestyle arena, advancing on Toronto’s lifestyle and corporate luxury management industry. Exposed to multicultural environments, their unique and meticulous eye inspired their ability to intertwine fashion, play and lifestyle, and it’s this very philosophy so effortlessly applied to their business that has attributed so much of their success to-date. Elle and Caspar also have a real-life sitcom show on Food Network called Sugar Stars, partner up with Yolanda Gampp and Antonella Grillone to create over-the-top ‘sweet tables’ decked out with their show-stopping cakes and delectable goodies for some of the biggest events in town!


Sweets created by Le Cordon Bleu graduate Pastry Chef Hardi Sugiarto at Petit & Sweet Riverside Kitchen mostly French inspired or adapted from a typical French desserts. Combining classic sweets served with ingredients imported from Paris, France to create unique flavours. And to make things more interesting some flavours change every seasons, such as more fruity and flowery flavours for the spring and summer or spice infused for the fall and winter to give more earthy flavours that will keep us warm in the cold.

For this month, try their Spicy Cocoa with bittersweet chocolate ganache infused with cayenne chili, cinnamon and nutmeg or their Strawberry Coquelicot (poppy flower) with strawberry and coquelicot buttercream.

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