Riverside BIA is looking for 40 Stories to Celebrate 40th Anniversary in 2020

The Riverside BIA is celebrating 40 Years in 2020!  First formed in 1980 by a group of local business and property owners, the Queen Broadview Village Business Improvement Area is one of the first dozen BIAs in Toronto and the world. The BIA spans Queen Street East from the Bridge (Queen Street Viaduct) to just past De Grassi Street.

In 2004, the name change to the ‘Riverside’ BIA reflected the neighbourhood’s name since the 1880s.  The BIA and business community it serves have seen many other changes over the decades – some very big news and others perhaps hidden gems.

This year to celebrate and commemorate these first 40 years, we’d like to capture and share 40 short stories of the BIA.

Riverside BIA map, Toronto

Riverside BIA is located along Queen Street east from the Bridge (at west) to Empire Ave (just past De Grassi Street)

If you are a current or past: local business or property owner, employee of a local business or organization, resident or visitor – we’d love to hear your story!

These stories will become a blog series, virtual time capsule, and self-guided Scavenger Hunt that will help locally-based folks and tourists alike get to know the Riverside BIA in 2020 and for years to come.

If you have a short story, pls share it (ideally up to 500 words plus photos) with us via this link:


If you prefer to call us or email us your story, please do so via: 416-466-8167 (we can help record your story) or office@riverside-to.com

You can submit your story with your name or anonymously.

We look forward to hearing about and sharing your story of Riverside!