Local Collab: Artist RUNT X Saulter Street Brewery

Have you heard?! Saulter Street Brewery in Riverside neighbourhood has paired up with world-renowned homegrown artist RUNT. 

It’s ALL about LOCAL ART & LOCAL BEER – what could be better?! Read on to learn more and see some of the incredible art (and beer) in store…

Thank you to Saulter Street Brewery and RUNT for this guest blog – we are pleased to help spread the word about this incredible new collaboration of local business and local artistry!


Saulter Street Brewery is thrilled to announce the first drop in a series of upcoming art project collaborations with Internationally recognized street artist RUNT.  In this first installment, you can now enjoy the limited edition Maibock beer featuring original artwork by RUNT.



MAIBOCK, derived from the German term “MAY Billy Goat”, is the perfect beer to transition from the depths of winter to the warmer spring season.  

Also known as Helles Bock, it is a lager with a “warm golden Hue” and an elevated level of hop in comparison to other bocks. It is bready and has the toasty flavors of a pale Doppelbock which is the beer that monks historically nicknamed liquid bread while they fasted during lent.

The Maibock has a lesser alcoholic percentage that the Doppelbock, while having more hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness.  It is gold to light amber in color, moderate bitterness at 25 IBU and has 6% ALC.

RUNT is widely recognized as one of Canada’s unique creative minds, his passionate sense of adventure has fueled his work for decades. 

Known for his large-scale detailed murals, his work has been gracing walls for over 30 years. His work has been commissioned by some of the top corporations in the world, including the Toronto Transit Commission, YouTube offices, Bather Apparel, Absolute Vodka and NXNE music festival to name a few.  He was selected as the feature artist for Fortune 500’s Global Forum event, his monumental commissioned artwork was viewed by some of the world’s most influential businesses and political leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

At once familiar and unfamiliar, Runt’s works are of this world but not of this world. Informed by a wide range of influences, from Hieronymus Bosch to Dr. Seuss, Runt’s work embodies a love and critique of humanity as his monster scenescapes play out in front of the viewer’s eyes. If one could press “play” on any of his scenes and advance them, the scenes would look entirely different. Runt’s characters capture the joy and aggression of our urban existence.

Saulter Street Brewery is rooted in the local community.

“We opened our red barn doors in August 2017 with the goal of making great beer and creating a space that inspires people to come together and live in the moment. With that goal in mind and with a talented team in place, we started brewing. It did not take long for the team to fall in love with the entire process. The endless combinations kept our curiosity alive, and I developed a patience that I didn’t know I had. Watching others enjoy our creations made me feel like I’d found my true calling in life and, in that moment, I knew that we had the opportunity to do something great” – says founder John Sterling, owner of Saulter Street Brewery. 

“When it came time to decide on a location for the brewery, we were immediately drawn to the community and timeless charm of Riverside, where we found a peculiar little barn on Saulter Street. Upon my first visit, I had feeling that time seemed to have slowed down. It felt like a little escape from the city, hidden within it.” 

Saulter Street Brewery, 1-31 Saulter Street, Toronto, ON