Streetcar: Walkability and the Historic Fabric of Cities

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Streetcar is a huge proponent of urban living and the cultural richness, opportunities for interactions, and sustainability factors that living in walkable, community oriented yet cosmopolitan neighbourhood like Riverside has to offer.

Walkability is becoming increasingly recognized as an important livability quotient, and the ease and excitement of exploring urban environments by walking is gaining traction through an incredible variety of walking tours such as culinary tours, sounds walks, river walks, and events like Jane’s Walk (which inspired Riverside WalkFEST)– which promotes walkable neighbourhoods and urban literacy through walking conversations.

Part of the richness of urban walking tours is the abundant history of the buildings and built environment. The stories that old buildings have and their transformation over the years from one use to another, adds to the richness of the urban fabric. We see that a lot in Riverside with the old postal factory G being repurposed as a library and the Ralph Thornton Centre, the Former National Bank, has been a disco and now is home to designer Stephan Caras.

Streetcar recognizes the necessity of maintaining and re-purposing Toronto’s unique buildings and integrating the authentic feel of Riverside and much of Toronto’s east end.  By encompassing both adaptive re-use of existing building stock, and new purpose-built loft condominiums, which reflect the design patterns of the surrounding historical buildings, Streetcar both connects with the surrounding area and brings new life to past buildings, while retaining connection to Toronto’s heritage.  Thus, maintaining that Toronto’s streets continue to be interesting and walkable public spaces.

Being committed to urban living, Streetcar is proud to sponsor the Riverside WalkFEST. Streetcar has a long-standing, positive relationship with Riverside, which is home to three Streetcar loft developments as well as their Corporate Head Office. Streetcar’s commitment to rethink urban living aligns with the Riverside WalkFEST, which they believe is a great way to explore and celebrate a unique and multifaceted part of the city.

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