Try Limited Release Liquor Infused Coffee Beans from Riverside’s Tertulia

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Introducing: Coffee Beans vs Dark Rum, Cognac and Macadamia Nut Liqueur 

Tertulia Expresso + Bar in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood presents their Limited Release Liquor infused coffee beans carefully selected and aged in Oak Barrels. This is a limited edition project just in time for Christmas. These are aged Oak barrels: the Rum barrels are imported from Ecuador, the Cognac barrel (the big 600L one) is from France. They are from very old but reputable cellars and purchased from an artisanal barrel company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As we speak the green coffee beans are aging in the barrels. They’ll age for 30 days so they can absorb the aromas and flavours of the toasted oak and liquor from the barrels. At the end of 30 days we will decant them for a week. They will be freshly roasted and bottled for brewing.

Brazil X Jamaica
This barrel contains the green coffee beans of our roster’s proprietary Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend infused with Dark Rum. The final coffee will have a silky body, chocolatey aftertaste with a very delicate acidity.

Colombia X France
Tertulia’s Colombia Monteblanco coffee green beans are aging with Cognac. The result will be a svelte complex coffee with sweetness and tasting notes of pear and almond.
It has a syrupy sweet body with a silky texture and delicate tangy finish encompassed by the impactful cognac notes. The perfume when grinding this coffee fills the room beautifully.

Queen & Broadview X Hawaii
The green beans are from Tertulia’s Queen & Broadview specialty blend and we have added Macadamia nut Liqueur for its distinct and identifiable taste and character.
Tasting notes are cashew, caramel and cocoa with macadamia aroma. As a result the coffee is creamy and sweet and has a strong body that is perceptible in every cup.

Get it at all Riverside’s Tertulia Expresso + Bar @ 711 Queen Street East!


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