Welcome Back to Riverside’s Fitness Studios!

As Riverside community members start to get their feet wet enjoying all the wonders that the phases of reopening have to offer, we are so excited to celebrate the return of fitness studios today, Friday July 16th, inline with the Ontario Step 3 guidelines.

Look, we know that everyone is probably feeling a little less than in a peak physical condition and that’s okay. We survived many days at home and enjoyed every slice of pizza! But now Riverside is thrilled to welcome back it’s fitness studios to help you start crushing your personal fitness goals or maybe to help you develop a routine that is perfect for you! Whatever motivates you, the health, fitness and wellness community in Riverside is back and we have summed up everything you need to know about them below!  

Yes, gyms and studios of all kinds ARE BACK, and we have all missed them so its’s time to show them some love! Here is our rundown of Riverside-based fitness spots reopening today!

Important note: Photos may not properly convey, but all businesses are strictly following Public Health protocols for Personal Care Services including capacity limits, sanitation, masking, etc to serve you safely! Please ensure you check with the business and confirm your appointment prior to visiting them in person.

Power10 Fitness

IG – @power10fitness · 635 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1G4 · https://power10fitness.com/

Power10 is an experiential, immersive fitness hub bringing state-of-the-art indoor rowing, running and weight training to your doorstep. Expect revolutionary lighting and sound, total immersion and an experience like no gym you’ve known. If you didn’t already know, rowing is the holy grail of fitness, and the anchor of this high-performance space. There’s no better, safer, full-body workout. The Skillrow machines allow you to feel the thrill of a real boat race during electrifying team workouts. You’ll row together, in synchronicity, in a motivated, supportive and tight-knit group. If rowing is not your bag, POWER10 offers indoor running clinics, top-grade personal training and a timetable of inspiring talks. Check them out on instagram to stay up to date and book a class!


Komplete Strength

IG – @kompletestrength · 740 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H2 · https://www.kompletestrength.com/

Heard of cross training? What about functional fitness? Komplete Strength is the gym for combination workouts that touch on weight lifting, cardio and dynamic body weight exercises! Its the ultimate functional fitness gym to help you feel strong and ready to take on life! Plus your friends will be asking you to help them move when they see how great your form is picking up heavy objects! They offer online, small group and person training classes! Definably something for everything one here! Follow them on instagram to check out what classes they have coming up! 

Chi Junky

ChiJunky Yoga studio| Riverside

 IG – @chi_junky · 70 McGee St, Toronto, ON M4M 2K9 · https://www.chijunky.com/

Looking for that boutique yoga studio experience? Chi Junky is the perfect combination of refined and relaxing with full service with complimentary yoga mats, towels, alkaline water & organic tea. All you need to do is show up, relax, then let them take care of the rest. Head to their IG for updates and to take a class or become a member! 

Studio Lagree

IG – @studiolagree · 672 Queen St E 2ND FLOOR, Toronto, ON M4M 1G8 · https://studiolagree.com/

Looking for a full body grind? Studio Lagree is your spot! With the ultimate full-body workout created by Sebastien Lagree, the studios founder, the Lagree Method combines strength, core, cardio/circuit training and stretching into an intense exercise experience. A new and improved workout construct with appeal to men and women. The Lagree Fitness experience does delivers on its reputation. Plus they have amazing staff and customer service. Check them out to try a class today! Maybe this is exactly the group of people, gym environment and kickstart you need! 

Studio Spin

IG – @studiospincanada · 672 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1G8 · https://studiospin.ca/

Studio Spin offers technique-based indoor cycling designed to push you to your limits all while enhancing your form and technique. It’s the perfect way to take your rode bike skill and turn them into an exercise routine! Classes are programmed to help you build strength and endurance and get you the results you desire. With optimal speed and resistance combinations, the form-focused, streamlined workouts are more efficient therefore yielding stronger results. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first class, you will be challenged and motivated!