Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Barefoot Beauty & East Toronto Foot Care

Barefoot Beauty and East Toronto Foot Care are Riverside’s newest healthcare and wellness spots. They boast two separate businesses offering complimentary services  – conveniently under one roof at 643 Queen Street East!

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At Barefoot Beauty they offer an environment-friendly and healthier alternative to traditional manicure and pedicure salons by swapping out traditional footbaths for luxurious hot towel wraps to soften skin and relax tired feet, using natural/organic care products such as 5-free nail polishes, and cleaning all tools in a medical-grade sterilizing autoclave.

Owner and head chiropodist, Emily Stock, was inspired to offer a safer and cleaner nail service experience after years of seeing patients come in to her clinic with infections picked up from traditional nail salons.  Frustrated with this unnecessary exposure and risk to her patients, Emily set out to create a space that offers luxurious, high quality manicure and pedicure services without the risk of picking up infections or being exposed to toxic ingredients.

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At East Toronto Foot Care, chiropodist Emily Stock offers a wide variety of treatment options to address patient foot care needs. From routine nail and skin care to management of foot pain (i.e., foot mobilization, shoe modifications, custom foot orthotics), they offer numerous solutions to managing patient foot concerns in an effective way that works with the patient’s lifestyle.


“We are so excited to be in the Riverside neighbourhood! We feel so welcomed and part of the community already,” says Emily,  “There aren’t many options for medical foot care in this area of town and we feel honoured to be able to provide that service to our neighbours.”

Stop by their shop at 643 Queen Street East to say hi and check out their wonderful selection of natural care and home products in the retail section. If you feel like pampering yourself, stick around for a Pure Luxe pedicure featuring an invigorating exfoliating scrub, relaxing hot towel wrap, and luxurious extended massage. Finish off with a high shine buff or an application of 5-free Bio Seaweed Gel (a healthier gel option that lasts 2 weeks or more with regular wear) to round out the experience.

Go to www.barefootbeauty.ca to see a full list of their services and prices and be sure to follow them on Instagram @barefootbeautynails and on Facebook to see their latest promotions and products.

Check out www.easttorontofootcare.com or email them at info@easttorontofootcare.com to see how they can help you with all your foot care needs!