Welcome to Riverside: Blackbird Baking Company

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We had the pleasure of being one of the first visitors to Blackbird Baking Co‘s new space in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood on its opening day on November 27, 2019 at 635 Queen E. It’s beautiful, with a warm and welcoming retail portion (thanks Sasha and Imogen!) and a big view to all the important baking operations.

We love their locally branded space and cool swag (shopping bags, bread bags and more!). Kudos to owner Simon and his team!

The Story of Blackbird Baking

Handcrafted breads and pastries available locally in Toronto since 2011. When chef Simon Blackwell decided to make bread, he looked close to home for inspiration. The opening of Blackbird marked the fourth generation of bakers in his family beginning in Staffordshire, England in 1894.

This tradition of small scale, hand-crafted production using local ingredients remains at the heart of Blackbird’s work to bring fresh bread and pastry to the neighbourhood, and retailers restaurants across Toronto.

They are award-winning and recently were named Best Bakery/Bread in NOW Reader’s Choice of 2019.

Drop by for amazing bread, sandwiches and baked goods, and help give them a warm welcome.

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