Wine Rack’s Newest Member – Barb Michelis

Hello Riverside,

The Riverside BIA would like to introduce Barb Michelis, the new manager of The Wine Rack.

Barb has 20 years of experience in the wine industry and has been instrumental at improving different location’s quality, professionalism and reputation – she looks forward to making the Riverside Wine Rack the best it can be. Barb has worked in the Dufferin Mall Wine Rack for 15 years and Scarborough for one year, with all but one goal in mind. ‘Having a bigger store’, and that is just what she got.  When Barb accepted the management position she got relocated to right here in Riverside.

We asked Barb, “What do you want to achieve within this store?”

Here’s what she had to say: “I want to bring the sales & transactions up to what they have never been before and increase the reputation of this store. These goals will be easy to achieve considering the great and motivated staff within this store.“

We also wanted to find out: “What comments can you say about this store location in Riverside?”

“Riverside is a great area and community and I want to get more involved. Once I settle in with the store, I want to go out and network with all the local businesses here.”

Riverside, next time you walk by the Wine Rack, stop in and introduce yourself to Barb. We’re sure you won’t be sorry you did!

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Guest Blogger: Kyla Danielis