Meet our #QueenEastEats Community Supporter: Hullmark

We’re excited to thank Hullmark , one of our Queen East Eats Community Supporters!

Hullmark is a real estate and investment development team which is heavily involved in supporting community. Owner Jeff Hull has carried on Hullmark as the family business that started with his grandfather, investing in the same neighbourhoods the family first lived in.⠀

“We are pleased to be part of Queen Eats Eats again in 2022! The programme is helping shine a spotlight in support of so many incredible food and hospitality businesses through this summer and fall, including White Lily Diner and other beloved Hullmark tenants. Our Queen Street Eats eateries and bars have so many unique local flavours and so much personality that makes up the character of their neighbourhoods – we’re glad to see everyone getting out on the patios in support of local businesses.”~Jamie Zeldin, Director of Asset Management at Hullmark.

What’s #QueenEastEats?

Enjoy giveaways, our map of 50+ patios, TGIF patio features, colourful displays on the street and more to welcome everyone to Queen Street East’s al fresco dining experience this summer and fall. Stay tuned as we bring you something new every week! Learn more about it at our Links in Bio and check out our Patio Map to plan your experience at Queen East Eats’ many patios in #RiversideTO and #Leslieville! ⠀

Jamie Zeldin of Hullmark enjoying food and drink on White Lily diner patio

Jamie Zeldin of Hullmark, and 2022 Queen East Eats community supporter, enjoying food and drink on White Lily diner patio

Hullmark has been a strong community member within Riverside for many years, as a supporter of the Riverside Gateway Bridge Project and past events such as Wine & Craft Beer Fest, and the Eats & Beats Streetfest.

Beyond being just a real estate investment and development team, Hullmark is a city builder committed to shaping a vibrant urban Toronto, with their involvement in Queen East Eats certainly being no exception to this!

Big thanks to ALL our Community Supporters of ‘Queen East Eats’:

Hullmark, Outline Financial, and The Wright Group

Join us June 19th for Kemetic Yoga & Stay Tuned for Videos & Journaling Resources

Join us for a morning of Kemetic Yoga in Riverside Common Park on Juneteenth (June 19) with Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga.

Participants will be introduced to the significance of Juneteenth and what it means for many Afrodiasporic communities, and how it relates to us in Canada. This special in-person yoga flow will be based on the Water session from the Earthseeds: Space of the Living – Kemetic Yoga Series. It will elaborate on the significance of water–the role water played in the middle passage, the role it plays in reconciliation with the hurts of the past, and in our healing journeys.

The session will include:

  • Opening with libations
  • Introduction and poetry performance to speak about water and its connection
  • 30min Yoga session
  • 5-minute meditation to settle the mind
  • Affirmation journaling

Register for this complimentary session to reserve your spot

This yoga session is limited to the first 30 registrants.

This Kemetic Yoga Session in Recognition of Juneteenth is facilitated by Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga, hosted in Riverside Common Park by Riverside BIA with support from the City of Toronto.

This event is based on the Kemetic Yoga Series from the Earthseeds: Space of the Living project created by Nico Taylor & Queen Kukoyi and supported by Waterfront Toronto and Waterfront BIA through the Waterfont Toronto Artist Residency (2020-2021).

What is Kemetic Yoga:

Kemetic Yoga is found on the writing of the temple walls in Ancient Egypt. This writing commonly known as hieroglyphs, is referred to as “MDR NTR” (Me-du Ne-ter) which translates to the words of God. These instructions and postures are a fundamental aspect of ancient Egyptian spiritual science, which is identical across Africa, and serves to connect with the spirits of our ancestors through meditation, prayer and ritual.

Kemetic Yoga Videos and Journaling

The following videos and journaling resources will be released leading up to June 19th and will be available here until June 27th to help facilitate your Kemetic Yoga journey:

    • Description: The Kemetic Yoga Fire Session will teach you rapid breathing, a way to help center and ground yourself. Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created. It is both warmth to enable life, and a destructive force that can burn and destroy. Among other things, fire symbolizes energy, activity, creativity, passion and freedom.
    • Link to Fire Journal: Coming Soon
  • Spirit: Coming Soon
    • Description: Spirit is the holding place for character, your emotions and elements that make you who you are. Your spirit is your essence, and it is important that it is cared for on a daily basis and uplifted through times of strife. The Kemetic Yoga Spirit Session features a full body experience, aligning you to Spirit to unlock your full potential. 
    • Link to Spirit Journal: Coming Soon
  • Earth: Coming Soon
    • Description: Earth is one of the four key elements of creation. The element of Earth is representative of solid matter and the structure of the universe. In the Kemetic Yoga Earth Session, you’ll learn techniques to ready you for the grounding yoga flow sequence such as building energy with trees and Earthing.
    • Link to Journal: Coming Soon

‘Come As You Are Uniquely You’ Mural by Curtia Wright

The ‘Come as you are, Uniquely you’ mural was launched on May 14, 2022 with Jonathan Van Ness.  The mural’s lead artist is Curtia Wright and curator is Monica Wickeler. Supported by Street Art Toronto and JVN Hair.

Find the mural at 701 Queen St E in Toronto’s Riverside neighbourhood – it is best viewed from Broadview Ave just south of Queen E

Jonathan Van Ness at the May 14, 2022 launch of the mural (Photo credit: Riverside BIA)

Come As You Are, Uniquely You’ – 2022
Location: 701 Queen E, east-facing wall (best viewed from Broadview Ave – south of 705 Queen E)
Artist: Curtia Wright (website:, IG curtia)

Artist Statement:
Love and passion flow through the JVN brand and I wanted to capture this by depicting figures with beautiful flowing hair cascading through the design reminiscent of waterfalls. The brand treats a diverse array of hair types from tight curls to straight hair. JVN is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and supporter of people and their differences. I wanted to show a diverse array of people accompany Jonathan in the centre. The JVN brand is also focused on leaving a smaller environmental footprint and uses natural components in their ingredients such as coconut, moringa, basil, tangerine, jasmine etc which inspired the design and colour. I included natural elements such as flowers and butterflies to communicate this message.

About the Artist: 
Curtia Wright is a multi-disciplinary Fine Artist, Mural Artist Illustrator, and Arts Educator based in Toronto. She received her BFA at OCAD University in the Drawing and Partnership Program in 2015 and currently teaches at Durham College. Her artwork re-imagines our reality using elements of fantasy and surrealism in a diverse array of mediums and styles.

Participating Artists:
Lead artist Curtia Wright, Assistant Artist: Gosia Komorski, Philip Saunders and Moises Frank. Mentee Artists: Rocelle David, Site Coordinator and Safety Rep: Liam Little.

Supported by:


Do you know the language of Flowers? Quince’s florist does – come closer!

Blogs by Bisi

“Not just a pretty thing, flowers have storied in history…” is a notable quote by Rosie Jeffares-Levitt, a quintessential personality in the floral world and owner of Quince Flowers at 660 Queen Street East in Toronto’s Riverside neighborhood.

Quince Flowers Riverside Toronto

Flower arrangement called ‘Purple Haze Colour combo’ by Quince Flowers (Photo credit: Quince Flowers)

Just as food is so significant to human existence, flowers have also become important to human life in a variety of ways. Among these are; the beautification of houses, street landscaping, garden making, and beautifying occasions, among other significance. 

Usage of flowers is multi-dimensional. People use flowers to express love, gratitude, happiness, or to release tension, and mourn a departed soul.

Quince Flowers shares this analogy, viewing the floral business as a calling, and not just ordinary work. This makes them do what they know how to do best in their area of specialization and expertise when it comes to floral aesthetics. Be it flower facts,  potted plants, big blooms, little blooms, among myriads of other beautifications they transform flowers into, creating special effects of nature that suit each occasion.

Quince Flowers pride themselves in floral arrangements for any occasion, be it  weddings, birthday celebrations, Mother’s Day, or just to say “thank you” or “I love you”.

Speaking of just saying “I love you”, Quince has their Wonderblooms Monthly floral subscription, so you never forget to show your love to another, or just to yourself!  Sign up

Quince has done arrangements for celebrated events such as Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and has a wcide range of clients and expertise.

Situated in the heart of Toronto Riverside neighborhood, Quince is also part of  a community of businesses that have been mutually supportive for decades, and owner Rosie is an active volunteer member and Co-Chair of the Riverside BIA Board of Directors. 

So stop by Quince Flowers and show them your love and follow @quinceflowers on Instagram. Each month they give away a bouquet in their Wonderblooms Monthly Subscription contest. Just Like the giveaway post, then tag at least three of your friends under the comments section.

An array of fresh flowers is the beginning of a radiating world of love, and Quince Flowers is tops as a local go-to spot.

About the Author:

Bisi has been a community content and script writer since 2006, working internationally as a journalist and now locally in Toronto.

Kids Activities Back on Track at Queen & Saulter Library Branch

Blogs by Bisi

Here’s the news on the Toronto Public Library and Riverside neighborhood’s local library: Queen & Saulter Branch…

“The more you make it easy for your kids, the more you remove the struggle necessary for learning” Maxime Legacy.

Riverside Toronto Queen Saulter Library

Queen/Saulter Library Branch is back with programs (Photo credit: Riverside BIA)

In a bid to increase the readership skills among youths and kids, the Toronto library eliminates all late fees on returns of materials borrowed.

According to findings, late fees have not been effective and removing them will better support library users while providing other benefits.   

Any library cardholder can now borrow books and other materials from local libraries without the worry of fines and can explore other opportunities including, workspace, free Wi-Fi, private study space, and civic engagement for different age categories.

Kids Programming is Back at the Queen & Saulter Branch!

After a long time closed over the pandemic, Queen & Saulter Branch of TPL re-opened in the fall of 2021 and is now bringing back its programming for kids, young adults, parents,, and caregivers.

 The branch has earmarked Wednesdays for Family time, including Storytime, Songs, Children’s rhymes, and different readings, among other activities. Ready for Reading Storytimes: Toronto Public Library

With pre-school children, from 0-5, as its main audience – programs kicked off May 4th at Queen/Saulter.

Also of interest is “Books & Brews”, a book and entertainment club meant for book lovers, book reviewers, literary critics, proofreaders, and others. The cultural and entertainment program is also open for beer, wine, cider, or non-alcoholic drink enthusiasts.

That said, upcoming dates are May 31st, June 28, and July 26, at Saulter Street Brewery,1-31 Saulter Street, between 7-8 pm on these chosen Tuesdays. Culture Arts & Entertainment: Toronto Public Library

Riverside Toronto Saulter Street Brewery

To partake in the event, you can register in person at Queen/Saulter or call 416-393-7723.

 All libraries across the city are integrating new programs, toward serving Torontarians and making the libraries more attractive for all. This includes: stocking new books and materials, hosting educational sessions on the premises, digital access to facilities, digital directories, digital archival artifacts, virtual courses, virtual business start-ups workshops, resume writing & preparing for interview workshops, and wellness & mental health programs. A host of online programs are also of benefit to all library cardholders, free of charge.    

“Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place”. Nelson Mandela.                           

Come one! Come All!!!  

About the Author:

Bisi has been a community content and script writer since 2006, working internationally as a journalist and now locally in Toronto.